Hektor Silver 9-18kg


  • • a car seat designed for children between 9 and 18 kg

    • safety is ensured by a 5-point safety harness and a special polystyrene padding

    • has the European ECE R-44/04 safety certificate

    • car seat angle position adjustment

    • seat upholstery can be easily removed for washing



• contains a SilverPlus material with antibacterial silver ions protecting your child against bacteria!

• the fabric maintains the biological balance of the skin and keeps the seat fresh throughout the day

• effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould.

• 95% of all viruses and bacteria that come into contact with the fabric of ionized silver die within the first two hours. After a period of 24 hours, less than 1% survives

• the seat cover can be washed repeatedly without losing its anti-bacterial properties


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width: 44cm
height: 65cm
lenght: 54cm
weight: 6,6kg